The International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association (ISMA)

We are an organization representing the four snowmobile manufacturers. We coordinate committees within the industry to handle concerns such as snowmobile safety, the promotion of the lifestyle activity of snowmobiling, keeping accurate statistics, reporting the growth of the industry and the positive economic impact snowmobiling has throughout the world. There are four major manufacturers that build snowmobiles:
Arctic Cat Skid Doo Polaris Yamaha

Latest industry facts

There are four major manufacturers that build snowmobiles. They are: Arctic Cat—Headquartered in Plymouth, MN; BRP—Headquartered in Valcourt, Quebec; Polaris Industries—Headquartered in Medina, MN; and Yamaha Motor Corporation—Headquartered in Cypress, CA.

In 2015 there were 150,713 snowmobiles sold worldwide; 58,299 were sold in the U.S. and 50,752 were sold in Canada.

There are approximately 1.3 million registered snowmobiles in the US and over 600,000 registered snowmobiles in Canada.

The Economic Impact of Snowmobiling:

  • United States—$26 billion annually
  • Canada—$8 billion annually
  • Europe & Russia—$5 billion annually
Over 100,000 full time jobs are generated by the snowmobile industry in North America. Those jobs are involved in manufacturing, dealerships and tourism related businesses.

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June 9-11, 2016

2016 International Snowmobile Congress
Rapid City, SD


December 2015

Safe Riders! Campaign Celebrates 20th Anniversary!
The Safe Riders! You Make Snowmobiling Safe© safety campaign was initiated in 1995 through a partnership with the snowmobile manufacturer members of ISMA – Arctic Cat, BRP, Polaris, and Yamaha and the state and provincial snowmobile associations and clubs located throughout the snow-belt of North America. The goal of the campaign is to keep safety a ‘top of mind awareness’ subject while snowmobiling. The content of the campaign was created with input from all corners of the snowmobile world and continues to live and grow in ideas and outreach.

December 2015

Effective engagement with members of congress
For the past 15 years I have felt it necessary to make regular trips to Washington DC to promote snowmobile enthusiasts’ access to public lands.

These trips, initially prompted by the Clinton Administration’s proposed ban on snowmobiles in all National Parks, have given me a healthy perspective on the challenges facing those who petition Congress on behalf of “special interests.”

November 2015

"Snowmobiling"a unique partnership between the manufacturers and their customers
The Snowmobile Manufacturers have a unique relationship with their customer base. The relationships and the friendships begin on the trails and in the mountains. The manufacturer employees, beginning with the Chief Executive Officers, Marketing Managers, Accountants, and Production Teams love to snowmobile.

June 2015

Snowmobile Sales Continue to Grow in North America
The International Snowmobile Manufacturers are pleased to report that snowmobile sales in North America.

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