US Department of Commerce releases Economic Output Data for Outdoor Recreation

The US Department of Commerce, Bureau of Economic Analysis has released the Economic Output for outdoor recreation for this past year. The Recreation Industry generated $788 Billion Dollars in 2019, which is $ 10 Billion Dollars higher than in 2018. The outdoor recreation economy continues to grow and outperform the economic growth in the United States during the pandemic. Individuals are continuing to reach out and recreate in the great outdoors across the United States.

The latest report shows that Outdoor Recreation, as part of the Gross Domestic Product, is 2.1%. What does that mean you ask? Outdoor Recreation produces more of the GDP and is bigger than mining and agriculture! Snow Activities, including snowmobiling, grew 3.1%. Most of that activity is within rural America and is the economic engine for many rural families and their economy.

Outdoor Recreation generates 5.2 million jobs in the United States. The states with the largest percentage of state GDP related to outdoor recreation are Hawaii, Vermont, Montana, Florida, Maine, and Wyoming. In Montana, 32,000 jobs are generated by the Outdoor Recreation Economy which is 4.7% of the state’s GDP.

Boating and Fishing is the largest conventional activity for the Recreation Economy generating $23.6 Billion Dollars of economic activity while RVing is the second largest activity nationally generating $18.6 Billion Dollars of economic activity. Snow Activities was rated the 6th largest of the economic activities.

Snowmobiling is an important part of the overall recreation economy and we generate economic activity during peak winter months when much of rural America is in need of economic output and support.

The recent study underscores that individuals that are outdoor enthusiasts are active in the winter and warmer weather as well. Surveys by ISMA show that approximately 60% of all snowmobilers also ride ATVs and UTVs in the summer. More than 50% of snowmobilers enjoy boating and fishing and recreational camping. Outdoor recreation enthusiasts participate in many activities and they are healthy, strong, and do not participate in a great deal of TV watching and internet-based recreation.

The snowmobile manufacturers and the snowmobile community are pleased to participate with the studies conducted by the Bureau of Economic Analysis within the Department of Commerce. We provide supporting data and information to the department upon request. We highlight the high activity level of the recreational snowmobiling customer base and highlight to elected representatives how we are active supporters of recreation on public land and great, responsible, family activity.

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