Friends of Snowmobiling and How it supports FOSPAC

The Friends of Snowmobiling is a non-profit organization whose members are snowmobilers with an interest in maintaining riding areas and responsible snowmobiling in the United States. The organization began approximately 20 years ago and also organized a Political Action Committee designed to raise funds for Federal Officials running for office or serving in office who have shown they are friends of snowmobilers and deserve our support.

For the last 20 years, the Friends of Snowmobiling has organized fundraisers at the International Snowmobile Congress (ISC) to raise money for candidates running for US Congress who are friends of snowmobiling. Each year we hold different fundraising activities where money can be contributed to the candidates for the Friends of Snowmobiling Political Action Committee (FOSPAC).

This year, due to the extenuating circumstances of Covid-19, the ISC has been cancelled but the Friends of Snowmobiling plans were already in the process of creating another party-like event for the fundraising activity. Therefore, even though we cannot meet in person, we still want to raise funds to support Snowmobile Friendly Candidates running in this November’s elections. We will be selling our internationally recognized Friends of Snowmobiling shirts. The shirts are long sleeve, black and white cotton blend shirts, with Friend of Snowmobiling – Social Distancing in Progress. The shirt also advertises businesses who support snowmobiling.

The shirts are $50 each. They will be shipped to you at the address you provide (see form below). The monies will be available to Federal Candidates who are Friends of Snowmobiling.

If you would like to purchase a shirt or multiple shirts, and participate in the annual FOSPAC fundraising activity, please fill out the following form and send it to the FOSPAC Office – 1640 Haslett Road, Suite 170, Haslett, MI 48840.

Anyone buying a shirt will also be able to participate in purchasing a playing card for a chance to win one of the OEM large roller gear bags. The cards cost $20 each.

Personal or cashier checks can be sent. Shirts will be sent in mid-June 2020.


  • Shirts—$50.00 each (please indicate sizes you would like to purchase)
  • Playing Cards—$20.00 each (please indicate the number of cards you are purchasing)
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