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For many years the snowmobile manufacturers members of ISMA have financially supported the Friends of Snowmobiling groups, Friends of the US Forests, and the various Avalanche Centers within the US Forest Service. In addition to supporting the forest activities, we have encouraged snowmobilers to interact with staff members of the US Forests whenever possible. Most of us snowmobile on US Forest Service land and you are encouraged to stop by the USFS office while you are traversing the forests on your snowmobile. Members of the Forest Service welcome visitors and it is a great opportunity to develop friendships and offer your help to the FS team.

If you join a Friends of the Forests group, the cost is minimal, and it puts you on the mailing list, so you may be contacted when the Forest Service has a review of the travel plans or management issues. You could also find yourself invited to events and outings at the Forest. The Friends of the Forest groups are active and often hold educational events on the Forest.

I visit the US Forest Service offices in the winter but also in the spring and summer. This has kept me in contact with the key Forest Service personnel and we often can talk about land use issues and safety issues if necessary.

In addition to supporting the Forest and Avalanche Training Centers, we also support the American Avalanche Association, the leader in avalanche safety training in the United States

If you are camping on National Forest Land or simply hiking through the area or fishing in one of their quiet secluded lakes, it’s always a good idea to say “hi” to the land managers and let them know that you are willing to help and expand on any public or private partnerships that are offered through their management teams.

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