“Snowmobiling”—a unique partnership between the manufacturers and their customers

The Snowmobile Manufacturers have a unique relationship with their customer base. The relationships and the friendships begin on the trails and in the mountains. The manufacturer employees, beginning with the Chief Executive Officers, Marketing Managers, Accountants, and Production Teams love to snowmobile. Folks involved in the production, the promotion, and distribution of a snowmobile go snowmobiling so they understand the excitement of snowmobiling and the fun it brings to winter. Enthusiasts involved in snowmobiling at any level are active students of the weather and watch for snowy winter forecasts on a continuing basis. We all cheer together when the snow begins and always hope for just a little more.

The manufacturers are financial supporters of snowmobile clubs and associations across North America. They attend many events sponsored and coordinated by club members - their customers. The manufacturers participate in snowmobile shows open to the public along with racing events and more.

To help support the education of the general public and the media, the manufacturers help sponsor and participate in Enlightenment Snowmobile Rides and introductory rides for new customers and the media. Through the manufacturers’ international association, ISMA, they help to sponsor and coordinate military rides recognizing the dedication and service that so many young men and women provide in the US and Canadian Military. The Military personnel and their families are thanked for their service and sacrifice and they also have a great time snowmobiling on some of the amazing trails and riding areas available for all snowmobilers to enjoy.

ISMA, with input from the customer base, created the Safe Riders! You Make Snowmobiling Safe safety campaign. The campaign encourages snowmobilers to make safety a top of mind issue and encourages safe riding behavior. The Safe Riders! campaign provides, free of charge, information that can be used for educational and promotional use.

The manufacturers, through ISMA, are major sponsors of the American Council of Snowmobile Associations and the Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations—two national enthusiast associations representing snowmobilers throughout North America. The manufacturers have established a very active Grant program available to all association members of ACSA and CCSO. The program is used to support many activities undertaken by the enthusiasts. The manufacturers and snowmobilers join together in defending their right to snowmobile and enjoy the great outdoors. They also work together on a consistent basis to promote responsible snowmobiling and reasonable input into land use discussions with public land managers.

The unique partnership between the manufacturers and their customer base began more than 50 years ago and was initiated by the common desire to develop a snowmobile trail system and riding areas throughout North America. The years of hard work and partnership have paid off as there are more than 220,000 miles of groomed and marked trails available for snowmobilers to enjoy throughout the snow-belt of North America. The same trails that are used on a daily basis in the winter by snowmobile enthusiasts are also enjoyed by snowmobile industry employees—who like the rest of snowmobilers—enjoy their weekends participating in their favorite winter pastime—snowmobiling.

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