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While snowmobiling is a fun family activity enjoyed by millions, a snowmobile is only as safe as the driver controlling the vehicle, which is why the American Council of Snowmobile Associations (ACSA) and the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Association (FHWA) teamed up to create a series of public service announcements accentuating that speed and alcohol don’t mix while snowmobiling.

Alcohol consumption is a leading cause of snowmobiling accidents and snowmobiling-related fatalities. Alcohol affects a driver in multiple ways, including:

  • Reduces fine-motor skills including the use of fingers, wrists and toes.
  • Loss of balance or coordination.
  • Ability to focus, not just your vision, but also while making a decision.
  • "Speed is another major factor in many snowmobile crashes. Excessive speed can severely reduce your control and limit your ability to react to unforeseen obstacles," said Greg Hiles, ACSA president. To stay safe, ACSA recommends:
    • Maintaining a steady pace that allows a driver to see far enough ahead for adequate breaking distance.
    • Travelling at a safe speed so drivers can see and recognize important trail markers.
    • Not overriding headlights.
    • Riding on groomed trails.
    Ryan Raynor, Snowmobile Trail Coordinator for South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks, said "South Dakota, like all other snowmobiling states, offers well-developed safety training programs that can benefit people who are new to the sport and those who’ve been riding all their lives."

    For more information on state snowmobile associations, safety training courses and to see the public service announcements, visit

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