Backcountry Ascender program

What is it?

Backcountry Ascender is a free and simple backcountry and avalanche educator. The platform uses educational gamification and good-natured competition to encourage rider’s awareness and improve their backcountry knowledge, skills, and practical experience.

The engaging and competitive platform is comprised of industry and peer reviewed curriculum of self-directed lessons and in-person courses. Riders earn points for completing lessons and courses to increase their rank as well as their associated club, state association, dealer, and snowmobile brand.

Backcountry Ascender is endorsed and promoted by ISMA, it’s member OEM manufacturers, top pro riders, Avalanche Canada and the American Avalanche Association.

How it works

Backcountry AscenderBackcountry Ascender starts with self-directed online learning and incorporates existing industry in-person courses. By starting online, riders can learn before hitting the snow and prevent many of the basic mistakes made in avalanche terrain. To move up to higher levels, participants must take industry on-snow classes.

The idea of Backcountry Ascender is NOT to replace important certification courses, but rather to provide a clear education path and drive greater participation in these courses.

Riders will be encouraged to contribute their points to identify the top club, top state, top dealer and top snowmobile brand.

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